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Sis-ID is the developer of a network-based whitelisting of suppliers, aimed at bringing security in BtoB payment.Sis-ID automates and secures the Vendor Validation Process, a structural weak point to date, saving time & frauds to Finance teams, with a product aimed at securing wire transfers in real time.



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Tink is a Swedish open-banking company providing an aggregation & data enrichment technology for banks and fintechs, all through a single API. The technology enlabes the end-users to better categorize their expenses and provide them with recommendations (insights) related to their personal finance management.


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Rewire is an Israeli company providing international workers a digital banking platform to manage their lives in two or more countries. By partnering with leading banks in migrants’ countries of origin, Rewire’s innovative technology enables migrants to deposit money into a digital bank account which can be used locally, use a Rewire debit card and transfer funds home.


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Token is an open banking platform authorised as an AISP and PISP. The platform, TokenOS, allows banks and third parties to interact in a digital global financial services ecosystem. TokenOS provides one API to access all banks, with the tools to deliver best-in-class data access and payments use cases, and better open banking propositions.